There are now lots of similarly named accounts (having to do with car insurance) showing up in Recent Badges. I think they are effectively spamming in the Recent Badges space. Going back further, there is another set having to do with dentists in Dubai... I advocate for immediate destruction of such clusters of accounts, and broader network-level blocks ...


I'm happy to hear what the community thinks, but my instinctual reaction would be to destroy it. The account has no business here and the page is meanwhile free billboard space: not something I think should be condoned.


According to this meta stackexchange post, it just means that the "About me" section was left blank. (If you are looking at your own profile page and see the message "Your about me is currently blank", then it means that others looking at your profile get the air-of-mystery message.)


Please see this discussion, from the old forum 'tea' before it was superceded by MO meta: http://mathoverflow.tqft.net/discussion/1429/loss-of-a-member/ The discussion indicates that it was Anton Geraschenko who added the text. Related MO post: Wikipedia story about Bill Thurston's death.


If you click on the number "0.0x%", the links gets you to reputation league for MathOverflow. (The link given in the question is actually list of the registered users and not the reputation league.) As far as I know, only users from reputation leagues count for the purpose of these statistics. (That means that cut-off is at 200 reputation points. Notice the ...


You can find various search modifiers in the help center. Or simply by clicking on "Advanced Search Tips" after you search for something. Specifically, to find posts by a specific user you can user user:userid. And to find your own posts you can use user:mine or user:me. Notice that if you go to some user's profile page, the search query user:userid is ...


Here is how I do it. I click on my own little user icon at the top of the page and this puts my own userid into the search field where I can then add keywords I want to search for.


You think we'd forget you? MO isn't live yet because the new pages require an update to each site's CSS, and we're still working through about half the sites on the network. As soon as it's finished, MO will get the new profile.


There is no clearly defined networkwide policy on this topic, because the rules on self-promotion only apply to posts, not user profiles. Your ‘About me’ is your own space, and as long as it’s not offensive to others, you can put there whatever you want. That said, it’s clear that this user is up to no good. I'm not sure if the ♦ moderators want to ...

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