There is now a plaque in Paris (between the Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon) to commemorate the first meeting of Bourbaki (10 December 1934) at their local Burger King!


Hannah Cairns's proof of Perron's theorem (discussed in this MathOverflow question) has been published in The American Mathematical Monthly.


Another new set is out for this year, if people could keep an eye out that'd be great. Thanks! https://math.mit.edu/research/highschool/primes/materials/2022/entpro22.pdf


I suppose that the question you're looking is this one: One dimensional foliation of surfaces with prescribed graph of foliation. The question is deleted. You should be able to see it from the above link - since it is your own question. (The users like me - who are below 10k reputation points - cannot see the deleted question. But luckily enough, there is a ...

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