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Why is the site being flooded with junk right now? What is being done about it?

Once in a while, people decide to post strange things here. I would recommend not giving them the pleasure of a response. The best thing to do is flag and ignore.
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User destroyed without explanations or obvious reasons

When an account is destroyed (e.g., by a moderator), the posts are labeled as "deleted by the Community user". The label is not a claim that some computer program made the decision to ...
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11 votes

Users using AI to write lots of answers

If AI-generated answers are actually correct - in particular, this will be relevant at a possible (likely? certain?) future date when AI becomes as effective at answering MO-style questions as human ...
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News of potential interest to the MO community

Sergei Novikov, 03.20.1938-06.06.2024, passed away on 6 June 2024. Novikov received Fields Medal in 1970 for his work in topology.
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Asking for consensus on mathematical conventions/definitions

I don't feel like the answers given there are representative of expert opinion. This may be the case in your experience, but there are professional mathematicians, academics, lecturers etc who are on ...
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Asking for consensus on mathematical conventions/definitions

Original comment: I'd say it's a little hard to tell in advance how the community will react. It could depend on the level of nuance. In the example, "roots of $f(x) = g(x)$" isn't standard ...
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