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The user formerly known as quid asked for his account to be deleted from MathOverflow. That was quid's own decision.


This answer approaches the subject from more of a network level than a MathOverflow-specific stance. The Stack Exchange Terms of Service deal with this issue as follows: Under no circumstances will Subscriber use the Network or the Service to ... (c) create a false identity or to impersonate another person.... and also Subscriber may not (a) select ...


May other professional researchers ask questions at MO? Yes, they can, and they do. However, questions have to be stated clearly and in a way which is understandable to mathematicians. Keep in mind that the audience of the site are mathematicians. It is mainly the job of the person asking the question to state the question clearly and rigorously in the ...


That sentence is not meant to describe a rule of the site, but rather the purpose of the site. Thus questions from non-professionals which further this purpose (being a great Q&A website for professional mathematicians) are very much welcome.


As I mentioned in one of my comments, I wrote a Turkish academic in the United States who is close to this issue, and she kindly responded thus: Dear Todd (if I may), I just received the following petition email: Ros Petchesky, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Cuny's Hunter College, drafted a letter to Asst Secretary of State ...


I brought this up with the moderation team in email; I haven't heard back explicitly from everyone, but have an idea where most of us stand. For now no official action will be taken. Putting aside the choice of name and avatar, there has been no detectable untoward behavior coming from this user, and the one post coming from that account so far has ...


Taking Asaf's post as truth that the user requested deletion of their own account (and having no information to the contrary), I encourage people in this community to at best send their well-wishes and then drop the matter. I left over 5 years ago for reasons that were important to me then. Time will tell whether that was a good or ...


After some further discussion amongst the moderators, I think we have decided that this username and account photo are inappropriate; they seem to only serve to provoke controversy. I've changed both back to something generic, and notified the owner of the account.


There are now lots of similarly named accounts (having to do with car insurance) showing up in Recent Badges. I think they are effectively spamming in the Recent Badges space. Going back further, there is another set having to do with dentists in Dubai... I advocate for immediate destruction of such clusters of accounts, and broader network-level blocks ...


I think that mathematical questions are fine (though don't pester people), but I get annoyed when I get emails about administrative issues (e.g. closures and down votes). Those should be dealt with on the site.


quid has outlined his reasons for leaving in this answer (See Footnote 1), in relation to his nomination for a mod position on math.SE.


A recent discussion in comments under Alon Amit's answer prompts me to offer some reflections on quid's publicly stated feelings and judgments about MO and the differences between MO and Math.SE. I think some of this is also reflected in an interesting discussion I recently had in the MathOverflow chat room with Martin Sleziak. For me, some of quid's ...


Here is a snapshot of the site analytics to which Martin refers: So, roughly $40,000$ page views per day (in the summer). Might be interesting to know what happened on May 14th and on August 8th...


I'm happy to hear what the community thinks, but my instinctual reaction would be to destroy it. The account has no business here and the page is meanwhile free billboard space: not something I think should be condoned.


You do not need to be a professional mathematician to ask or answer questions on the site. The questions need to be research level mathematical questions. It can be pure math or applied math or mathematical questions coming from other areas. Often, professional academics from other areas (and also non-professional but interested mathematicians) can make a ...


I share the view by one of the moderators in the post you have linked to that providing such a tool is a bad idea.


As far as I know, there is no such thing. See also this post on Mathematics Meta. Number of people online. On main meta you can find some feature requests such as View approximate number of users online or How many SO users are online?. Depending on what purpose you want this for, perhaps some other measures might be useful for you. On Math.SE you can see ...


Please see this discussion, from the old forum 'tea' before it was superceded by MO meta: The discussion indicates that it was Anton Geraschenko who added the text. Related MO post: Wikipedia story about Bill Thurston's death.


I happened to see this post, and I'd like to add some words from the other side of the barbed wire. It's a puzzle for me why posts like this are controversial here. I have never been in Turkey, and I belive, the situation there is better than in Russia, where I live. Anyway, independently on this concrete case, it is evident for me that the idea to ...


To my knowledge, there is no spoken standard followed by the community. There are general rules of politeness and courtesy: applied here, they suggest to me at most one unsolicited comment and one unsolicited email per MO question. If you don't get a response after (say) three attempts, drop that form of contact with the MO user. You can try using the chat ...


I've often thought that the "for professional mathematicians" is an unnecessarily clumsy and possibly offputting way of stating what is actually meant. Perhaps it should say "MO is a question and answer site devoted to research-level mathematical questions" or something like that.


There is some concern that quid's contributions have disappeared. I can verify that they are still here. For example, this question was answered by quid, and the comments are still preserved. It just shows the user as "user9072".


You have tagged your post both (feature-request) and (support) The feature-request part can be probably answered mainly by SE staff, which could say whether there are plans to implement something like this. However, there is also a similar feature request on the main meta: Filter users by country. So there you can see how it was received and maybe ...


I found a way of mitigating and perhaps solving the issue that prompted my question which may even be acceptable to those that didn't like the idea of hiding users. Certain adblockers (e.g. ublock origin) allow you to hide "elements" (not people!) on a web page and this works with questions on MO. So, if I see a question I don't like and I want it off my ...


As of last week, we also check for .net as a possible way to complete a valid domain, so will work going forward.


There is no clearly defined networkwide policy on this topic, because the rules on self-promotion only apply to posts, not user profiles. Your ‘About me’ is your own space, and as long as it’s not offensive to others, you can put there whatever you want. That said, it’s clear that this user is up to no good. I'm not sure if the ♦ moderators want to ...

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