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At what point should MO recognise it needs to leave Stack Exchange Inc?

For one thing, I would consider SE changing drastically the licensing on MO data, or making commercial profit out of it, to be a red line. In my opinion, MO data should remain free to access, to use ...
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Is there a software solution if we do cut the cord from SE?

Converted from a comment: Codidact was born of a previous mass exodus from SE and has some experience with migrating data from SE to their software platform, QPixel.
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Is there a software solution if we do cut the cord from SE?

Converted from a comment: PhysicsOverflow has a setup that's reasonably close to MO. It runs on the Question2Answer software. It was in part set up a kind of exodus from physics.stackexchange
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Is there a software solution if we do cut the cord from SE?

Converted from a comment: I would expect the database to be in a form similar to the existing periodic data dumps at (not that I have any idea what those ...
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Stack Exchange moderation strike

It should be noted that users other than moderators can sign the open letter and likewise refrain from curation activities across the network, including MathOverflow, to the extent they feel ...
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Opt out of the new upvote/downvote buttons?

There is a structural tendency for discussions of this type to underweight the voices of people who think that things are fine. I will therefore state explicitly that I do not care about the shapes ...
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What should we call a tag on point-free topology?

I suggest having two tags: pointfree-topology and locales-and-frames We should have synonyms: [pointless-topology] for the first, and [frames-and-locales], [frames] and [locales] for the second. We ...
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Clarifying an answer that was deleted by moderators

I encountered this question in the "Close votes" queue; I find it reasonable, so I voted to leave it open. On the other hand, it is for the first time that I encounter somebody stating that ...
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News of potential interest to the MO community

Robert Zimmer passed away on May 23, 2023.
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Policy toward GPT-generated conjectures?

I don't think it is worth having a policy for one post, or even a few. We already have a small, regular stream of elementary number theory questions to which one can provide good heuristics using ...
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Best of MathOverflow, or papers inspired by MathOverflow

Zhi-Wei Sun posted a highly upvoted MO question in 2018, Can we write each positive rational number as ${1\over p_1−1}+\cdots+{1\over p_k−1}$ with $p_1,\ldots,p_k$ distinct primes? The question ...
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imgur will remove some content soon. Does MathOverflow need to save images?

Not an answer, but doesn't really fit in a comment. Glorfindel ran a script to find and try to upload linked images to Stack Exchange's Imgur repository (those images won't be removed by Imgur). His ...

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