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I have created the tag synonym peano-arithmetic -> theories-of-arithmetic.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. In this particular case, I had deleted the question by mistake. Someone had flagged this question/answer as suspicious, and I came to it right after working on some flags about actual sockpuppets and trolls. I have reversed the deletion.


Section headers. Or smaller section headers Or even smaller section headers And, please, for the love of Erdős, do not use those other hacks. They are wrong semantical markup, and I find them all very objectionable. For instance, I have found myself searching for the source of a "quote" in the past, thinking that they were quoting something that ...


I personally liked to use quoting for highlighting a question in a long body of text, but now the style has changed, and I am also persuaded by the semantic markup issue. But this answer is mostly to demonstrate that code style is much more terrible, since long lines don't wrap, and one gets a scroll bar, and on mobile I think this is much worse than any ...


I think having a tag for something like this would be quite reasonable. However, I have a couple reservations with your proposal. First, in my opinion "arithmetic logic" is not an ideal tag name: it sounds like it refers to the study of general logics from an "arithmetic" perspective, rather than the study of theories of arithmetic in (...


At the request of Martin Sleziak I'm converting some comments into an answer. I don't really understand why questions asking for a paper should be community wiki. And, although you say it's unrelated to your question, I think the "should they be welcome" aspect actually is related to what you're getting at: that these kind of questions are not a ...


Jim Humphreys has passed away. This was confirmed by Paul Gunnells and is implied by


Yes, they should be cw. (Upvote/downvote if agree/disagree)

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