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Interesting (and not sufficiently answered) questions on math.SE

I followed the link to this thread in order to post a Question Which is Interesting , but not sufficiently answered, Here Is the Question, I want to know intuitively why does dividing the groups into ...
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affiliation or association (in the wording of the promotion help page)

Yes, in my view "your affiliation" here means "your affiliation with the product", in this case the paper. "If you discuss a paper of yours, disclose that you are the author&...
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What to do if an answer was subjected to a minor formatting-only edit?

This is why we need to enable users to mark their edits as "minor" (or some other term that implies it is not an occasion to bump the posts to the top). Any who disagrees would then have the ...
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Does anyone remember seeing this answer/comment? (A famous result known earlier than believed)

I posted a comment or an answer somewhere not long ago, saying that a result published by Tom Apostol in 2000, which some have called "Apostol's method" or the like, is one that I presented ...
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