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Presumably just a minor editing error — either a typo or a thinko. Frankly, it seems a little odd to ask about this. As pointed out in comments, this pdf is an early draft of a ten-year-old funding proposal, so there’s nothing notable about finding minor errors in it; the only surprising thing is that this pdf is still online and discoverable.


You may notice that this account predates MathOverflow joining Stack Exchange network in June 2013. At the time, all users who had account on the old MO site had to merge their old account with a new Stack Exchange account, if they wanted to keep using the site and have access to their old posts. This is another instance of such case: How to merge old ...


If there's one vote to delete, you shouldn't worry about it too much; it takes 10 votes to delete a question which such a high score. Delete votes never expire, but the chances that it will accumulate so many votes are low. I'd say that the question is rightfully closed (it's a textbook list question); similar old questions around the network have got a ...


I am reliably informed that C.S. Seshadri has passed away in Chennai (July 17, 2020).


I like to have valuable opinions of the MO community members on following well received question of mine : I'm working on it with very slow rate of progress. The question is deleted and then I'm banned on MO after I asked the above question on MO earlier ( it's first asked on MSE then after sometime with no ...


Another user suggested that I should advertise this question in MO also, so here comes. It is just a number theoretic curiosity spawned by an earlier question where small cases were handled by a computer search, asking whether to a given $t$ we can find a $k$ such that $(k!)^2\mid (2k-t)!$. I will try and collect interesting stuff on Math.SE to the Pearl ...


I am sorry to hear about Ron Graham. Best wishes to his friends and family. The bulk of this answer will address the general question about if or how MO should memorialize mathematicians when they pass away. I believe that a community wiki question on MO about a person's mathematical achievements and/or legacy is, generally speaking, an appropriate and and ...


It should be noted that one is allowed to change the display name at will. (This has caused some problems; I have seen the downside of being impersonated in this way.) Indeed, many of the display components of the platform are meant to be configurable. Gerhard "Let Us All Become Andru" Paseman, 2020.07.10.


MathOverflow has been part of the Stack Exchange network for a very long time, and the Stack Exchange network doesn't enforce this. (I'm not sure how it was back in the days.) Just as in real life, several people can go by the same first and last name. This usually doesn't cause any problem; it only gets confusing when they interact (but that can be funny ...

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