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I propose to merge stable-homotopy and stable-homotopy-category. The latter is used for the same types of questions as the former, and most questions with the latter have little to do with the stable homotopy category per se, as opposed to the model category or ∞-category of spectra.


Please do not ask for clarification when the content of the question is clear to specialists. The person asking the question is looking for an answer, not a discussion about basic definitions. Of course, a more accessible introduction to a question can be beneficial to non-specialists (and it tends to attract more up-votes), but I don't think we should ...


As said by several users, comments to questions in the given field is not the best place for requests about the meaning of the field. Anyway, I think it is plausible that some given subfield of mathematics is not clearly defined, or not defined in a way that is not clear to people outside the field. If this is your feeling, I think it is perfectly ...

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