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Removing "tag-removed" tag

From the comments it seems that some users do not know why and how the tag tag-removed is used on MO. So let me address this first. (At least briefly - some of the links below might add a bit more ...
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Creation of "procrastination" tag

I agree with you completely. Meta-tags are not great, and while some are tolerable (e.g. soft-question), meta-tags that are not descriptive of the question should not exist.
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The tags (publishing) and (journals) - maybe change direction or cancel the synonym

We could also imagine create the tag journals-and-publishing (or journals-publishing) and make both journals and publishing synonyms of it. These are only 300 questions and I'm not sure two separate ...
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Help improve tagging!

The tag etcs has now 7 occurrences [edit: had 7 occurrences]. It stands for "elementary theory of the category of sets". I suggest to manually change it to elementary-theory-category-sets. (...

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