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Although the question is about progress towards the specific badge, maybe it is useful to include also some datils with a brief explanation how to run SEDE queries when you want a look at a specific site (in this case MathOverflow) and on a specific user. (You can find pointers to further information about SEDE in the corresponding tag info.) The OP provided ...


When searching on the site you can restrict the search to posts created in some date range using created:2021. You can also search only for question if you use is:q. If you sort by votes you get this as a result. (You can use is:a to get the answers posted in the given range.) And of course, you can add other restrictions, just as in any search. For example, ...


I deleted that comment in response to a 'no longer needed' flag, as it did not contain much concrete information (in contrast to Carlo Beenakker's response). Thus, to answer your question -- the comment was in no way inappropriate.

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