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Unless the accounts start posting there's nothing to worry about. It's spam, yes, but low impact spam whose purpose (search engine optimization) is blocked wholesale by the SE software. The general directive to moderators is to not worry about these. If this actually poses a problem then presumably a Community Manager (i.e. SE employee) should be able to ...


Only two more votes needed to reopen Funny names of mathematical objects? There is valid comment that very similar question exists on MSE, but we believe that this reasoning will close a lot of other stuff.


Massimo Ortolano is correct in saying that we use Meeks STV to attribute your vote to the candidates. The general overview is that you can rank as many of the candidates as you wish, in the order you prefer. Your first choice candidate will get your vote first and that vote will stay with them until one of two things happens: your candidate is eliminated ...


From the election page (highlighted links: the second one is a link to a Wikipedia page): We will calculate the winners using OpaVote with the Meek STV method, which automatically weights users' votes in the way that does the most good for the candidates they have selected, in order of preference. Also from OpaVote, Single Transferable Vote Anyway, it ...


This is an important question, thanks! My response is a clarification of @Todd's answer, but it seems better to give it as a separate answer. The board exists because of the need of a legal entity to enter into an agreement with SE. It has seen its role as to have a negligible footprint, although at our annual meeting we always ask ourselves how the ...


The members of the MO board are the six current moderators, Anton Geraschenko, and Ravi Vakil. Whoever becomes a moderator becomes a member of that board.

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