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Just for closure, here is my slanted summary of the discussion in the comments: It is a feature and not a bug that it takes some digging to actually migrate a question. This is because migration is only appropriate in very specific circumstances, but to the casual MO user (even one with enough rep to vote on closures), this is generally initially unclear -- ...


The spammers would then use a different badge, for instance Informed (read the entire tour page), Organizer (retag a question), Supporter (first upvote), Teacher (first answer). It's an arms race, unfortunately, at least as long as there are low-effort badges.


We don't have a way currently to remove a specific badge but we do have a built-in way to remove a type of badge - by class (gold, silver, bronze). As such, I've just removed all bronze badges from appearing in the right sidebar "Recent badges" section to address this issue. We're still looking at what we can do about the actual issue with the spam ...


The question here is - who are you trying to get the attention of? In your example, you're talking about something that the community seems to have weighed-in on at least to some degree. If you think that's insufficient, that's probably a good time to use one of the suggestions below. Needs more community participation If you think the community should look ...

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