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I have created the tag synonym peano-arithmetic -> theories-of-arithmetic.


Section headers. Or smaller section headers Or even smaller section headers And, please, for the love of Erdős, do not use those other hacks. They are wrong semantical markup, and I find them all very objectionable. For instance, I have found myself searching for the source of a "quote" in the past, thinking that they were quoting something that ...


I personally liked to use quoting for highlighting a question in a long body of text, but now the style has changed, and I am also persuaded by the semantic markup issue. But this answer is mostly to demonstrate that code style is much more terrible, since long lines don't wrap, and one gets a scroll bar, and on mobile I think this is much worse than any ...


I think having a tag for something like this would be quite reasonable. However, I have a couple reservations with your proposal. First, in my opinion "arithmetic logic" is not an ideal tag name: it sounds like it refers to the study of general logics from an "arithmetic" perspective, rather than the study of theories of arithmetic in (...

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