There is a special tag-removed option for clearly off-topic cases like this.


What this doesn't account for is people actively typing replies to something you said which might or might not be posted prior to your attempt to edit, so you'd still have the possibility that a conversation could turn completely surreal as a consequence to doing this. We do have some methods of keeping track of what connected clients are doing, but it's ...


If things are actually as you say they are, I don't think anyone could object to you cutting the second part of the title and then pasting it at the start of the body.


This is not an answer to Joseph O'Rourke's question, but rather an apology of my own, along the same lines: Many of my old posts used images that I hosted at Photobucket, and they have now have disallowed direct linking for free accounts. Thus I have now begun moving all the images to imgur as well. I will try to restrict myself to bumping 4 or 5 old ...

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