Please vote this answer up if you think MathOverflow should stay with a sans serif font (similar to the font on the original site). Please do not vote this answer down if you disagree with this.


Of course we want the badge. If 1000 people use the link and come here, but 997 of them never come back, we have lost very little. But if the other 3 find out about MO and do become regular participants, then we have gained something. SO ... I don't intend to do it, but if someone wants to get lots of gold badges by this method: Go for it!


Such a system would be technically impossible since we can't delay posting a question until tags have been approved. However, this is not a serious problem: Only users with at least 300 points can create new tags. Users are quick to delete inappropriate tags from posts. Unused tags get purged in 24 hours; single use tags get deleted after 6 months. ...


Please vote this answer up if you think MathOverflow should switch to a serif font (similar to the one on MSE). Please do not vote this answer down if you disagree with this.


It appears that XyJax is developed independently from MathJax. As a result, MathJax will not support nor test XyJax. This makes integration into MathOverflow difficult since we need to have reliable support for new features. We cannot implement such features without a suitable support plan from the XyJax developers.


Very interesting method. I think that the benefit that 1000 people get to know about the existence of MO far out weight the nuisance that someone gets a yellow dot after their name. As a new user and I am also motivated by the yellow dots, so i know how you feel. It must be like someone can break the game, it is easy to get them, and it is not fun anymore....


There is a third option besides staying with sans serif or switching to a serif font. This other option is making this user-definable like it is for example in the documentation for the computer algebra system GAP, see here -- clicking on Style takes one to a menu where one can select one's preferred layout settings.


What this doesn't account for is people actively typing replies to something you said which might or might not be posted prior to your attempt to edit, so you'd still have the possibility that a conversation could turn completely surreal as a consequence to doing this. We do have some methods of keeping track of what connected clients are doing, but it's ...


I'm not quite sure what we could do to make that any more explicit, maybe add a → to the right of the link? Make 'Migrated' the link instead? But as pointed out in comments: Typically, moderators are the only people to see the link, as they need to be able to access the original question in cases where a migration needs to be reversed and cleared The ...


Isn't this easy to do with custom css? span.reputation-score, span.badgecount, span.badge1, span.badge2 { display: none; } The above works pretty well for me, but I'm sure it could be refined into something better. And for the record, I myself have no objections to seeing users' reputation scores. I haven't tested it, but using AdBlock would be ...


Tim has just told us the Stack Exchange folks aren't going to implement this. I think that the userscripts linked are probably sufficient. The alternative, if they aren't sufficient, is for us to implement some custom javascript on MathOverflow that 'hacks' this option back in. (This is effectively how we'd done this on 1.0.) However this will take some ...


"publicity" is an important/integral part of scientific research and thereby also mathematical research, but it seems there are not that many scientists and mathematicians who are known to especially epouse it. there are rare exceptions. Carl Sagan comes to mind as a great model/mass popularizer of science who was still held in high esteem within the ...


I am sorry but we don't support that version of Safari anymore.


Migrations are often a point of contention between communities, so we are very conservative when it comes to adding default migration paths. In essence, a site would need to show a history of successful migrations before a new default can be added. (Yes, this is a bit of a Catch-22 since you'll need a moderator's help to migrate to a site not on the default ...

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