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This is just a comment that may be a bit too long for the comment section: Does your idea include video chat and the like? In the quantum information community, we have Q+ Hangouts that hosts realtime online seminars. At each hangout event, a speaker gives a talk via Google Hangouts (... I think they're doing it this way), and the audience can participate (...


MathJax in chat You can find some information on MathJax in chat in the following posts from Mathematics meta: Should chat have TeX support? You can find in an answer a bookmarklet which you can add to your browser and then you can render MathJax in chat: (There are also a few more userscripts in other ...


Moderators of Math Overflow are also moderators in chat. That said ... Math Overflow can certainly have an election like any other site, and the same procedure would apply as on any other site. Once a year, we check in with the moderation teams to ask how they're doing and if they feel they need any additional help - and we generally just go with whatever ...


That room was deleted, since it contained less than 15 messages, see this FAQ. I used my chat superpowers to undelete it, although it is bizarre that this happens for rooms created from comments. I've added two messages, so that this won't happen again. There seems to be a feature request to make this not happen, but apparently it is a sufficiently rare ...


At this point there is no MathJax support in the chat system, but this meta.MSE thread includes some information on how to overcome this issue.


Since I posted my answer, the OP has clarified in a comment that the intended question was about the rooms shown in the sidebar. So what I originally posted was actually an answer to a different question. Therefore I have expanded the answer a bit to describe various ways how to access chat. Of course, one can simply access chat by using the url https://...


Some friends and I wanted a chat room based on geometry and QFT (and also whenever topology, representation theory, ... comes in). I've gone ahead and created it: If you're interested, feel free to stop by!


July 3: Well, it is gone now; it is worth starting a chat room and just chatting with random strangers, until such time as people interested in that topic begin to post there. Jon started a Homotopy chat room. It turned out not to have MO as a parent. So I started one, and Jon and I chatted, then some homotopy people. After a bit, it was revealed that my ...


User script ChatJax++ (which requires SOUP, a collection of useful fixes for the SE platform) has been working well for me. Both user scripts have been developed by Ilmari Karonen.


I'd really like to see a category theory chatroom. This would obviously have significant overlap with the homotopy theory chatroom, and could potentially detract from both, I don't know. But pure category theory (and this could include $\infty$-category stuff, to try and steal some of the n-labbers away maybe) is pretty lovely.


I would like to have a chat room for representation theory (though possibly "algebraic representation theory" would be more precisely the subject I mean when I say representation theory).


I would like to see a chatroom that deals with group theory and group theoretic approaches to geometry. I know that geometry isn't a really fashionable subject right now, but I would like to talk to people who are interested in it.


I want to start chat room/reading room for differential geometry as in first two chapters of Kobayashi and Nomizu. Stacks as in Angelo Vistoli’s notes (also available on arXiv). Is there any one interested for the same?


I think that adding a list of past chatrooms which are now frozen but have been active at least for some time might be a useful addition to this question. If somebody considers creating a new chat room, looking at an older room with similar topic might help to see how much interest was in discussing that particular area in chat at that time. And ...


No, there should not be one. Science Fiction and Fantasy stackexchange has a chat style with a starred sky pattern in the background. The stars show up even as the background of chatter text. I don't like text on a non-uniform background, and believe it should appear only in tabloid newspapers. I hope I'm not the only typographical purist among ...

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