Originally, there was no "No action needed" button in this queue. There were actions, and then there was "Skip". If you couldn't see your way to performing some sort of action (either because you didn't understand the topic, or just couldn't think of anything useful to do), then you were expected to skip it. Folks didn't. So... We added the extra button ...


That would be my fault. Late answers are only enqueued if the author has no more than a certain reputation level. Today, I raised that limit from 10 to 50. My intention was to add a minimal number of reviews. But I didn't account for the backlog of late answers that would be added to each and every site on the network. (Truthfully, I misread the code.) Now ...


This seems to be status-completed See Can flags send a post into the Low Quality Posts review queue?


It seems that the new responsive design has fixed this issue:

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible