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Is it reasonable to expect that the number of upvotes is greater than the number of favorites?

No, not entirely. An average question indeed has more upvotes than bookmarks (the new name of favorites). See below for some statistics. Both vote types (bookmarks are stored as votes in the database) ...
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5 points for an upvote to an answer?

There is daily reputation limit of 200 reputation points - meaning that it is not possible to get more than 200 reputation points in a single day from upvotes. (It is still possible to get more ...
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Can I see who voted for what after I die?

As I understand it, one destination has an Ethereal API to the Stack Exchange databases. Unfortunately one only has assembly language to write the routines to use it, and no linker: you have to ...
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Can I see who voted for what after I die?

I think the religion of copyism, which holds that information is sacred and must be preserved, is the one you should look into. The information as to who voted for what is certainly something you get ...
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