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I am against making "questions on math education no longer on-topic here". There are some excellent education related questions on this site. We may specify that education questions on MO should be related to graduate level (research) education. Graduate-level education is done by professional mathematicians not by professional teachers, and it is natural to ...


I would very much like to keep questions about graduate level courses here at MO. There is a lot of knowledge of how to present various topics which isn't available in books and is only known to a few experts in the field, and I don't think those questions would get answered at matheducators. Here are some recent questions of mine of that sort. 1 2 3


The Math Educators (MESE) site is still in beta, so there are a few things we can't do just yet. During the beta phase, SE sites are still defining themselves and narrowing down what is on-topic/off-topic for the site. It's best for other SE sites to avoid interfering with this process. For example, we can't establish a migration path to MESE. (Though ...


This is an excellent idea! For those not familiar with the area51 process, here's how you can help get this site off the ground: Go to the site and click on "follow" in the upper left. The site needs at least 60 followers to proceed to the next phase of the creation process. Upvote five of the questions, and perhaps ask a few questions of your own. The ...


Since the contents of the help pages have not been discussed in the answers so far, let me propose a text in the spirit of the other answers. Here is a suggestion for another item in the list of things MathOverflow is not (in our help pages): MathOverflow is not for most questions about mathematics education. We recommend asking questions about the ...


Congratulations to all the people who have put so much time and hard work into making this site. Great job and thank you!

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