There are three possible reasons for having the moderators election this year (with 3 positions to fill):

  1. 3 moderators from the current team have decided to step down (for reasons that I consider personal and about which I am not asking);

  2. 3 new moderator positions are created, in addition to the already existing ones, and nobody steps down;

  3. a mix of the above: at least one moderator stepping down and at least one new position being created.

Which of the above is the reason for the current election?

(I have browsed the Meta posts from the last month in search for an answer, but I haven't found anything, assuming I haven't overlooked anything relevant.)


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This was covered in comments elsewhere. No moderator is planning to step down.

@SamHopkins None of the current moderators are expected to step down. Some of the moderators have reduced their activity on the user-visible end of things, but none have expressed the desire to fully step down. (Fran├žois G. Dorais)


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