Every so often, I go through my questions (on this site and on MSE) and find some old unanswered question that I still care about, and put a bounty on it. However, my memory is far from perfect, so I would like to know:

Is there a way to find out whether I've already bountied a question in the past?

Ideally, I'd like to see a list of all questions I've bountied. I know that this information can be gotten by reading through my reputation history, but this quickly becomes impractical if the question in question (heh) was bountied more than a year ago (as is quite possible).


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You can see list of all your past bounties in your profile page on the bounty tab. (You can choose between viewing active, offered and earned bounties there.) It works exactly the same on Math.SE.

If you want to see past bounties for a particular question (be it yours or by other users), you can look at the revision history or the timeline. As an example, here is revision history and timeline of one specific post.


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