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Molecular biologist and historian by formal training, but software developer by passion. Also now by career.

Need a smart, motivated, and hard-working desktop or embedded developer? Hire me! Send mail to my first name at

My deepest areas of expertise are the x86 microarchitecture and the Windows API, but my interests span multiple platforms and diverse disciplines. At work, I design, build, and maintain speciality embedded hardware and software to perform data-acquisition and real-time signal processing from sensors, primarily targeting the aerospace industry. These days, I mostly write code in C++ or assembly. I also know C, C#, VB.NET, VB 6, and a variety of shell-scripting languages. Passionate about developing robust, efficient systems.

I enjoy the challenge of solving problems and learn new things quickly. I've an excellent eye for quality and detail. I'm here because I find great reward in teaching others and because I want to make the Internet a better place.

Brevity is not my strong suit. Kind, not nice. I have strong ideas and make a habit of openly challenging assumptions. People don't like having their assumptions challenged, so this sometimes leads to confrontation. Nothing I say is meant to offend; please don't take it personally. Progress cannot happen without confrontation, so think for yourself and question everything.

If you have a technical question you think I might be able to answer, please ask it on the site so that everyone may contribute and benefit. If you disagree with one of the actions I've taken as a moderator, please bring it up for discussion on Meta Stack Overflow (do not send me a personal email about on-site moderation actions; those get ignored, if you're lucky).

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