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I recently finished my doctorate in Mathematics at Iowa State University on Compressive Sensing under my advisor, Dr. Irvin Hentzel, in Spring of 2017, and am thankful to all here for the various references, experienced direction, and general encouragement after returning to this difficult project at 40 years of age.

My dissertation focuses on both collecting and adding to the small body of literature on the difficulty (NP Hardness) of the problem of Compressive Sensing in general from the standard combinatorial optimization approach, improving the background for these results in detail and extending them to the general problem over vector spaces of finite fields, as well as adding new proofs applicable to these general approaches, and of developing and analyzing computational programs generic enough to deal with Compressive Sensing over finite fields.

I am also an Assistant Professor at Mercy College of Health Sciences and a former community college math professor, and have taught courses ranging from experimental computer-based developmental mathematics through Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Engineering Problems and Programming, and junior-level Biostatistics. I have been at my current position in Des Moines, Iowa, since Fall of 2016.

I additionally research Real, Complex, and Functional Analysis; ancient, modern, and differential Geometry; the math of medical imagery; statistics and its use in biomedical research; Linear and Abstract Algebra; synoptic meteorology; and, lastly, the history and education of mathematics and statistics. I live with my wife and two parrots and, when not doing mathematics, enjoy chasing tornadoes in the Central Plains of the United States.

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