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Rand al'Thor
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Mathematician. Reader. Writer. Riddler.

Co-creator of the Riddler's Den, where stylised riddles were published each Friday, along with solutions, during 2015 and 2016. Currently undergoing maintenance, but all existing published riddles still available. You can check your solution on the site, as well as email us with your own riddles or to request personalised riddles from us.

Moderator of Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange, where I try to be always present in case of need, while not obtrusive or trigger-happy. Joined for the fantasy novels, learned about other things by osmosis. Also a fan of many fantasy novels sadly underrepresented on the site: ping me in chat for recommendations.

Six-figure-rep user of Puzzling Stack Exchange. This is an SE site unlike any other: 'questions' are usually puzzle challenges created by the OP and 'answers' are solutions. Come on over to partake in riddles, maths and logic puzzles, wordplay, games, and much more! Many of the puzzles on the site are incredible works of art created by extraordinary minds, awe-inspiring to read even if you have no clue how to solve them. (Traditionalists can also ask real questions about puzzling instead.)

Moderator of Literature Stack Exchange. If you enjoy reading - any kind of literature, be it novels, short stories, plays, poetry, comic books, song lyrics, essays, speeches, or anything else - do come on over! You can help us to solve some unanswered questions, or post your own questions, or join us in chat. It's a small site, but we have some great quality Q&A, as well as regular reading challenges which anyone can join. So little time, so much to read ...

I do what I can to be a class act,
Though I fear that detractors shall ever detract.
I pay them no heed; they're not worth my time
(except to disparage them briefly in rhyme).

I am Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, Lord of the Morning, the Car'a'carn, He Who Comes With The Dawn, the Coramoor, Shadowkiller, Prince of the Dawn, and True Defender of the Light:


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