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By day: Software engineer at Google in display ads. Focused on front-end currently, but working in a company with lots of proprietary frameworks it tends to mean more focus on requirements honing and working directly with product. I do not work in machine learning but do have the responsibility of delivering massive amounts of data to our customers across visualizations and giant, configurable reports. I do interviews too and often train people for technical interview prep as a hobby (i.e. not for hire, not endorsed by my parent company, not with any structure or rhyme or reason, but happy to help). I am most familiar with Java and Javascript and aspire to learn C++ as done at Google, and Python.

I am also a part time masters student at Columbia studying computer science, with a likely focus on Machine Learning.

Being engaged: I aspire to be an approachable person politically but will admit I have found a lot to oppose in our new president :) so I focus on training progressives to engage in constructive political dialogue, including such forgotten skills as "listening," "not calling people racist when you don't know what else is wrong with their viewpoint" and so forth. I get plenty of practice with my own family and some of my peers! But really, we went astray with trolling Internet arguments and shouting matches at family gathering. Black lives do matter, but I personally can forgive someone if they need to sit down and talk about why and have some, ahem, skeptical questions.

Misc hobbies: Aspiring rock climber. Mostly I complain about my climbing gym but have great access to Central Park and have followed in the Gunks. I believe in productivity-as-a-hobby and focus on writing, messing around with bullet journals, etc.

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