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Pronouns: Call me whatever you want - just don't call me too late for dinner.

My N is currently 7.5 last updated 2022-06-27 Monday

  • 90's Cannondale - aluminium 10 speed 105 triple rimbrake. Metallic Red
  • 80's Vincere "Vince" - steel 14 speed dual-chainring with rim brakes, fitted as "wet day bike" Orange
  • 2003 HP Velotechnick Speedmachine 20/26 recumbent, grey with red. 1x9speed sram/deore combo. 1xhydraulic, 1xcable disk brake.
  • 2000's m5 26" highracer recumbent in dark Blue
  • 90's rigid hardtail MTB. Steel and Red 1x9 deore
  • 2000's metro 20" folding bike in blue Steel. 1x9 tourney with deore rim brakes
  • ? OKAY brand chinese 26" folding bike, grey steel with blue front fork. V brakes on front, band brake on the rear.
  • 0.5 for a Macklemore scooter in Blue steel

Any other bike I own doesn't class as a regular ride.

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