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Eric Arnéo Vespira Kengne
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I'm PhD Student at the University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon, under the direction of Pr Dossa Marcel. My research focuses on the Existence of a Semi-global Solution of the Characteristic Cauchy Problem for the Einstein-Yang-Mills system field equations. I am passionate about the geometry of Riemannian structure and more specifically, by:

  • the formation and study of the singularities of these spaces; especially the geometry and dynamic of the black holes;
  • the geometrization of differential varieties by means of a geometric flow; including: cobordism between connected varieties; the distribution of varieties around a model variety;
  • the true nature of the curvature in mathematics; in particular, the link between Ricci curvature and the topology of a metrisable space.
  • The geometry of the principal fiber bundle spaces; in particular: the study of the dynamics of the gauge group using the Cartan Moving Frame Method.
  • The design of the minimal general framework for the riemannian analysis (algebraic, geometric, random) of generalized variational differential systems.
  • Natural (geo)metrizations of the transverse structure of a foliated manifold.

Mathematician, Pure, Pure Immaculate. Without apologies...

God does not play dice ; in any way...

Geometry in the tradition of Poincaré-Einstein: just visualize intensely and it will take shape...

Geometry in the tradition of Riemann-Klein-Lie-Chern-Thurston ...: Manufacturing highly sophisticated structures using the most elementary means...

This confidence that a child can have in his own lights, by relying on his faculties rather than taking things learned at school or read in books for granted, is a precious thing. Alexander G. Grothendieck. The Spirit of Creativity.

Any research on a geometry subject can be started from the work of any scientist; take any path whatsoever. One fact, however, remains immutable: at one point or another in our journey, we feel obliged to pass through the palace of His Imperial Majesty H. Weyl...

Unfortunately, we never know which problem is nice or which is ugly unless we solve it... M. Gromov, Sign and Geometric meaning of curvature.

My favorite field? Just solve, using geometry (in the very broad sense), a given mathematical problem.

What is Riemann-Cartan Geometry? It's just an expression of blind faith in A. G. Grothendieck's "pinned butterfly" principle under the leadership of the "high priest" V. I. Arnold.

It will be difficult if not impossible to have many others A. G. Grothendieck. This for the simple reason that young mathematicians are asked to be both A. G. Grothendieck and J. A. Dieudonné and above all, I.H.E.S!!! Which is simply impossible!!!

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