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Will SEO Die?

When Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update was announced, several SEOs predicted the downfall of SEO. The Hummingbird update changed Google’s ranking focus from keywords to users’ search intent. And this led a few SEOs to believe that this was the beginning of SEOs death since the focus had changed from keywords. However, this isn’t true.

Before the Hummingbird update, many companies optimized websites for search engines rather than for users. Therefore, people were able to create loopholes that took advantage of Google’s algorithm, and they were able to rank higher. As a result, this led to the development of black-hat SEO. Black-hat SEO was focused on getting ranked higher for a short period which often resulted in low-quality websites which were often considered spammy. And once a spammy website was identified, it was immediately banned.

However, the Hummingbird update changed how marketers view and treat SEO. SEO drastically changed from a strategy of ranking high on search results to a strategy of offering a good user experience to users. And user experience is directly related to keywords. Because without keywords, how would search engines know what a user wants? And how would a search engine user find what they’re trying to look for without keywords?

As long as websites remain the main sources of information on the internet, keywords will always be needed. And if keywords are needed, SEO will be a must.

And since it seems that SEO is here to stay, then you should consider taking advantage of this marketing strategy to drive organic traffic to your website in the long term. At The Mammoth Group in West Hartford, we have highly trained and experienced SEO consultants. Call us now, and we will set up an appointment with our experts.

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