Gerhard Paseman

To protest the recent behaviour I have witnessed on this forum, I am withdrawing my participation and my support from MathOverflow. This includes the offer below to correspond by email on topics related to the forum or its meta.

If my recent comments and responses to them have not been removed, one can find some of what led to my withdrawal in the activity tab on this profile. If you want more of my side of the story, you should be able to find it elsewhere on the net.

I no longer have faith in the moderation team to manage the forum or address its problems. To that part of the community with the resolve to improve MathOverflow's relationship with the rest of the world, I hope you do not meet the discouragement I have. I do not see myself returning to this forum.

August 14, 2020.

SDFAE websites not up :( ; check for latest about System Design.

This is one of my official MathOverflow accounts. I am willing to correspond about low level number theory, general algebra, and the determinant spectrum problem as well as other matters mathematical at the Google mail account listed below.

New! Proofreading services for articles in the sciences. Please include "Proofreader" in email subject to learn more.

Newer! has some of my related work, including 'The Power of Ignorance' which is a performance improvement war story (v1.0 to appear by 2019.10.28).

Droidgerhard ( or droidgerhard )

(Admins, please merge keep)

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