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“Those who are not bored with the sensation of their existence will find a voice for their time” - Lubomyr Melnyk.

02/10/2023 - I can no longer play the schoolkid card, for I am an Oxford undergraduate now.

21/05/2023 - reputation doesn't necessarily mean a great deal here, but I was pleased to reach the 25k milestone [on MSE] while still in school.

School student who has learnt almost all their maths/computer science informally from the internet, who enjoys helping others and likes to challenge everything; every statement must be proven, where possible. Using this site to learn for myself, and to help others learn, as I have enjoyed doing both my whole life.

Piano student of the master Lubomyr Melnyk, for about two years now. You can see me play his pieces with dubious quality here.

A free collection of many of his works is viewable here. Scores to learn from may be found here and here. His online persona is often attacked by critics on the grounds of arrogance, but this is blind (imho): he is the only human alive, perhaps the only who has ever lived, who can actually play his music. He has been a pioneer for some $50$ years now, but has been largely ignored. He is a lovely, humble man in person (perhaps not so great at communicating online) and an excellent teacher: should any keen pianist buy scores for his pieces, I highly recommend lessons. You will not get far with the traditional classical playing technique. Continuous music is a brilliant world of sound, and I fervently hope that some student of his carries on the great work (that is my motivation for adding this to my profile, that a pianist might take interest and be successful). You don't need to be very good at first - I wasn't - in order to pick up his music to a ok level, just dedicated: but to play anything properly, you need to be amazing... hopefully we can learn!

I promise you have not heard anything like it.

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