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Do your own homework
7 votes

While we're on the topic of contests, HW, etc., I wanted to remind people of this thread: Request from PRIMES to keep an eye out for their problems Generally, use caution around the handling of ...

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On the role of anonymity in a site dedicated to research-level mathematics
56 votes

Here is a past discussion on pseudonyms from MO.1 days: I think most of the arguments (pro or con) would still apply to MO.2. (This ...

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Which is more appropriate: MO-risking or Meta-checking?
11 votes

I think asking here is a very appropriate use of meta: one purpose of meta is to clarify or build a consensus regarding what is on-topic, how questions should be posed, etc. Generally speaking, we ...

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When to answer a question via a comment?
Accepted answer
16 votes

Max G.: that's a good question. I think in many cases the decision is based not on policies or guidelines, but an inner sense that the answer (and thus the question itself) is too easy and that the ...

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What does research-level mathematics mean?
Accepted answer
22 votes

To me, your question looks quite acceptable for MO. "Research-level" is a slightly awkward shorthand and shouldn't be taken too literally. I like to picture the typical intended user of MO as one ...

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2013 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire
6 votes

(1) For pseudonymous candidates, Are you a professional mathematician? In what capacity? Not applicable. (2) Assuming a notion of "culture" as explained here, what would a newly elected ...

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2013 Moderator Nominations
13 votes

I would like to nominate David Speyer for moderator. His record as a user of MathOverflow speaks for itself: not only is he a strong professional mathematician, he is also thoroughly familiar with ...

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Requests for reopen and undelete votes for closed and deleted questions
8 votes

[REOPENED] I find nothing wrong with Linear Algebra Text Book. Certainly MO.1 entertained plenty of questions about pedagogy without any controversy, and the selection of a linear algebra book with a ...

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Do we have an unofficial quota on how many old questions one should bump for minor edits in a single day?
10 votes

Today, I have spotted Pietro Majer bumping close to 20 (and counting...) of his answers to the front page with minor edits. (Sorry to be so blunt in naming a respected user, but I guess I'm a little ...

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Requests for reopen and undelete votes for closed and deleted questions
4 votes

[REOPENED] I think people were pretty hasty in shutting down this question: Shape of axioms in abstract algebra. I could just barely squeeze in some highly relevant content and context in a comment ...

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