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How to make welcoming comments on "homework-like" posts that will be closed?
1 votes

Here is a slight modification of @GerryMyerson's excellent answer, incorporating suggestions by @MattF., and @FrancescoPolizzi, transcribed from my comment at @MartinSleziak's suggestion: This site ...

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Question about $i$ versus $-i$
2 votes

Could this be the question you mean? It's not exactly about $i$ versus $-i$, but it mentions it as a motivating example. "Co-ordinate-free" mathematics for general structures? Even if it ...

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What to do when a post contains a "suspicious" link (possibly with copyrighted material)?
-4 votes

As one of the people involved in the exchange from which you courteously elided names, I think that it's good to get rid of such links. Anyone who wants to find them can do so without our help. ...

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