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(When) are "career advice" questions on-topic here? If and when such a question is on-topic, what to keep in mind in answering such a question?
7 votes

I think it’s very helpful to compare with academia.stackexchange, where career advice questions are a much larger part of the site’s scope. There are plenty of examples there showing that that career ...

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Why does this (old) funding proposal for MathOverflow, say that Ben Green got the Fields Medal?
10 votes

Presumably just a minor editing error — either a typo or a thinko. Frankly, it seems a little odd to ask about this. As pointed out in comments, this pdf is an early draft of a ten-year-old funding ...

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Why was the whole math jokes thread deleted, and should it have been?
29 votes

I feel the deletion is a significant loss to MathOverflow. As one of a few prominent older light-hearted threads, it helped make MO an entertaining and enjoyable place — like the departmental lounge, ...

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On the recent question "Is Euclid dead?", or: Is it considered good practice to use MathOverflow for a campaign?
6 votes

The campaign doesn’t bother me one way or the other, especially since the author was clear they were interested in arguments from both sides. But subjective, discussion-y, primarily opinion-based are ...

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