Kyle Pollard

👋 Hi there! I'm Kyle Pollard. I'm in beautiful British Columbia, Canada 🍁 (UTC-8)

I am a full-stack developer on the Public Platform team at Stack Overflow working with .NET and JavaScript. I graduated university with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Previously, I was working at my local municipality as a full-stack enterprise .NET web developer doing project management, application development, and application maintenance. I'm also a proud husband and father. 😊

In my personal projects, I work with vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I love building static sites on the Jamstack. I help maintain Water.css, a simple classless stylesheet for smaller scope sites.

Outside of programming, I play the saxophone, I 3D model and print on a Prusa MK3, I play VR games on an HTC Vive, and I am the Dungeon Master in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I also enjoy watching explanations of old video game architecture, reverse engineering glitches, and security issues for bug bounties.

I use Fira Code at a really high font size and use f.lux to save my eyes.

Feel free reach out by messaging me publicly or privately on my Twitter!

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