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Ethakka appam with Chai
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Second time of the month I am hinted of alting.

and targetted dvs right after that with no explanation :

My philosophy of votes: I mainly try to upvote and I am biased towards voting up with newbies. I think that newbies should be upvoted and encouraged more because they are the future of the site. The only time I ever downvote is if the question is purely an image or old incorrect answers. If the answer I see have been only posted in last year or so, then I will comment rather than downvoting.

I try my best to act in a way which would be beneficial to the long term condition of the site. As of 7/22/2022, I have 1,499 upvotes and 86 downvotes which leads to about 5.42% of my votes being downvotes.

Average South Indian music video

Hi and welcome to my profile! My hope for this site is that it becomes an inclusive place for all those who are wishing to study mathematics. With that in mind, here are a few links I would like to share with you which you may find useful on your time in the site.



  3. Requesting assistance for quality control on the site (closing)

Please make sure to comment under the post telling what the issue you have with it is before posting in the above chatroom for closure

  1. If you wish to ask a question more casually

  2. If you have site related issue requiring mod attention, the mod office

  3. If you'd like to raise attention of community members on some other issue you have


Downvoted on MSE without any explanation why?

I suggest this song

Someone left a comment saying your question is stupid and dumb?

I suggest this song

You spent a lot of effort in writing a post but no upvotes?

I suggest this song


My response

General Depression?

I recommend Gurren lagann

You are invited to my chatroom!

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