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Proper protocol for edit wars
14 votes

As a longtime Wikipedia contributor who has been around a lot of truly crazy edit wars, my advice is: never revert more than once even if the other person's edit is terrible. Instead leave a comment ...

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Answers in comments are increasingly more common
1 votes

Rather than saying users are operating the site software the wrong way, I'd rather say the software doesn't properly reflect the way humans want to interact with the site. The solution is fix the ...

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What do you want to do in September for MO's tenth anniversary?
0 votes

No swag please, that is tasteless. Meetups are fine but don't need an anniversary: if people want them, why not just have them whenever? For the anniversary my first idea was something like a ...

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Can MO go back to +5 rep for questions? Should it?
-2 votes

Good questions are valuable but at the same time, I've always felt Stack Overflow's gamification features are among its least appealing features and I'd rather that MO just get rid of all those scores ...

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