A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 55
For questions about the design of MathOverflow. This includes bug reports and suggestions about the user interface.
× 861
designed to solicit opinions or best-practices on a particular topic, with the goal of reaching community consensus.
× 8
× 1
For questions about exporting and printing MathOverflow posts.
× 19
the most frequently asked and answered questions on Meta.
× 4
Proposals for new entries for the FAQ.
× 9
For questions about the favorite question feature or the favorite tags feature.
× 1
× 21
For questions about the flagging process, how flags are handled, etc. Flagging is the process of bringing a post to a community moderator's attention for any reason.
× 11
For issues regarding the help center of MathOverflow.
× 1
Questions about the hot questions list which appears on the main page and—truncated—on various sites in the Stack Exchange network (but not on this site), as well as its effect on MathOverflow.
× 14
For questions on usage of links at MathOverflow (both links to various parts of this site and to other sites).
× 1
For questions involving the "Ignored Tags" specified in a user's Preferences. Questions with these tags are dimmed or removed entirely from question lists.
× 14
For questions concerning using images in questions, image hosting, etc.
× 1
a user-generated list of related questions shown in the sidebar when viewing a question. Its content comes from questions that users have linked in the question, thei…
× 9
For questions about Markdown, a lightweight markup language used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting.
× 4
Questions about the Mathematics Educators StackExchange site.
× 66
Bug reports and suggestions for the MathJax system used to compile basic LaTeX code on the site.
× 4
For questions concerning MathOverflow as non-profit organization. (As opposed to questions concerning MathOverflow as a website.)
× 42
Questions related to the closely related website, http://math.stackexchange.com
× 2
Questions that have been closed as duplicates may sometimes be merged by moderators. One question is retained as a stub while all answers appear on the other.
× 13
no Meta Meta Mathoverflow, so questions about this very site just get this tag.
× 47
The process of migrating off-topic questions from one Stack Exchange site to another.
× 2
Reproduction of significant parts of content of MO happens on some other sites. Some of them are covered by the license others are not. Questions on both types can be asked under this tag.
× 22
Questions dealing with moderator actions, pages, abilities or decisions.