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This is by design; see e.g. this post on Meta Stack Exchange: Is there a way to see who voted on your posts? No, voting is by design anonymous. Not even ♦ moderators have access to information on individual votes. Knowing who up- or downvoted your post would likely incite some users to up- resp. downvote the voters' posts, which we want to avoid: Stack ...


Using spam flags, a single user (with a single page view) can incure two downvotes to the post: one regular, and one automatic downvote from a spam flag.


Given the time you posted this, it's most likely this spam question (only visible with 10k reputation); there's a copy over here in the records of a community project fighting spam across the network. That post has been automatically flagged with four accounts, and those flags carry an implicit downvote. IIRC, casting those flags (via the API) doesn't ...

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