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How the moderators/admin decide the significance/research orientation of any question before closing it? is it intuitive to them?

StackExchange sites work on the basis of community moderation: as a user gains reputation through upvoted questions and answers, moderation powers increase: https://mathoverflow.net/help/privileges. ...
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What makes you vote to close a question?

I vote to close when it's clearly homework. I vote to close when the question is severely ill-posed. I also tend to vote to close (more precisely to move to math.SE) when the problem could be given ...
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Why can't we close questions that have a bounty?

Closing a question prevents new answers to be added. If one could close a question with a bounty, the net effect would be to shorten the bounty period, possibly causing the loss or misattribution of ...
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What makes you vote to close a question?

Like the other answers, I vote to close questions that are obviously off topic (e.g. spam), or seem like homework, or seem better suited for MSE or Stats or CS sites. In deciding whether to close or ...
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What makes you vote to close a question?

I vote to close questions that are clearly at the level of exercises in a first-year graduate course or lower; this requires me to be familiar enough with the subject matter. When a question looks ...
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Voting to close a question as off-topic because it's a notorious open problem

A research-level question can also be off-topic if the community has chosen to restrict the scope of the site so. Our help pages state that questions about open problems are off-topic, so closing ...
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Proposing a change to the close-vote interface

Just for closure, here is my slanted summary of the discussion in the comments: It is a feature and not a bug that it takes some digging to actually migrate a question. This is because migration is ...
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What makes you vote to close a question?

Perhaps it goes without saying, but a bad reason to vote to close is "because others have voted to close" or "because others have suggested closure in the comments". I almost wish ...
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Appropriateness of intuition pump question

I didn't vote to close, and wouldn't have. But the premise seemed off base to me. Here is a purely personal reaction which might say more about me than anything else but might also explain why some ...
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Comment / Down-vote / Vote to close -- in what order, with what delay?

This is very much dependent on the question and the poster. There are some questions which look like high school homework problems posted by users who are new to the forum. These are usually quickly ...
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Apparent session of mass-close-voting: how to confirm or refute?

Checking whether close votes come from a single user One of the question asked here is: "Do the mods have any way of checking whether the close votes seem to be largely the work of a single user?" ...
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Close votes of different types

Sometimes questions do not fit the forum. When I comment on these questions, I normally suggest they picked the wrong forum, and sometimes suggest a different forum. If there is an obvious fix that ...
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change in voting to close

Hopefully you can get more information on this from moderators (and community managers). Anyway, here is a brief summary of some recent changes based on these posts: Question Close Updates: Phase 1 ...

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