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Using spam flags, a single user (with a single page view) can incure two downvotes to the post: one regular, and one automatic downvote from a spam flag.


Given the time you posted this, it's most likely this spam question (only visible with 10k reputation); there's a copy over here in the records of a community project fighting spam across the network. That post has been automatically flagged with four accounts, and those flags carry an implicit downvote. IIRC, casting those flags (via the API) doesn't ...


Have you read the tour? MathOverflow is a question and answer site for professional mathematicians. Your question does not qualify for this; hence it's downvoted and closed. For more details, see What topics can I ask about here?


It depends on where you're looking, but in general, the visibility is only determined by the timestamp (either of the last activity, or of the moment the question was created). However, on the homepage, questions with a score of -4 and lower are hidden. In any case, reputation doesn't matter; Stack Exchange is all about the content, not the person who wrote ...


After a question is closed, it can still be viewed. So the view count can still go up. You can still edit the question, if you think you can make it into an acceptable question. Then (with enough votes) the question can be re-opened. So "closed" is not the same as "gone and forgotten".

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