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Answers in comments are increasingly more common

I saw this just after posting a comment on a question that could be considered a partial answer, but I left it as a comment for two reasons: I am not sure it constitutes an answer since it does not ...
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Answers in comments are increasingly more common

Idea: If you see an answer offered in the comments and left there, copy it into a community wiki answer. To answer Federico's comment: If there is an issue with licensing, rephrase the comment-answer ...
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Answers in comments are increasingly more common

I think one thing that sometimes causes me to answer in a comment is if I suspect that the question, as stated, is not the one the asker meant to ask, and that seeing the answer to the question-as-...
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sort unanswered questions by date

If you follow the "Unanswered" link on the sidebar on the left of the page, then the page you get has options for sorting the unanswered questions. A direct link is:
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Answers in comments are increasingly more common

Rather than saying users are operating the site software the wrong way, I'd rather say the software doesn't properly reflect the way humans want to interact with the site. The solution is fix the ...
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Auto-bumping of unanswered questions

Depending on how one reads your post, it can be considered as two or three (or perhaps even more) closely related questions. Could (and should) we change behavior of the community user such that it ...
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