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Ironically, this question has been answered in the comments by Tobias Kildetoft. If you see a question which has been answered in comments you can make a CW answer which incorporates that comment. You can also add some additions of your own, and if your additions are sufficiently substantial then it's ok to make it not CW. In addition to what Tobias said, ...


If you follow the "Unanswered" link on the sidebar on the left of the page, then the page you get has options for sorting the unanswered questions. A direct link is:


That could be another post, so feel free to ask me to remove my answer, but what about creating an intermediate category, such as 'waiting for clarifications', which would mark questions for which comments have required to clarify the question asked / verify that the suggested answer works which have not been active for e.g. 1 year ? This would put the ...


Depending on how one reads your post, it can be considered as two or three (or perhaps even more) closely related questions. Could (and should) we change behavior of the community user such that it bumps questions which have no answers? What are the reasons why this feature request currently works the way it does? It seems that the main purpose of this ...


I deleted all the answers in question. There seems to be a number of superusers who prefer to have 8000+ unanswered questions in MO, the majority of which (I guess but who knows) probably are in fact completely answered, or adequately dealt this, by comments. This means that looking at the list of unanswered question, involves ploughing through comments to ...

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