I've updated the MathOverflow script to use https, and set it to re-run on posts modified since September 29. Thanks for the notification of the problem, and the solution from @Dilaton.


I have to admit that I initially got aware of the since September 29th 2016 missing trackbacks for MO, because we at PhysicsOverflow faced the same issue. Now I am happy to report that our system developer resolved the issue after learning from communications with the ArXiv that they changed the protocol for trackbacks from http:// to https://, and now uses ...


The trackback mechanism is implemented "offline", and in particular does not rely in any way on our right to insert minor javascript at MO. There is a script that uses the SE API to scrape recent pages looking for arXiv identifiers, and then posts links to the arXiv. This runs on a private server. We have arranged with the arXiv folks to whitelist that ...


The arXiv trackbacks are generated by a script running on my computer, which uses the Stack Exchange API to identify recently changed posts. It then parses those posts for arXiv identifiers (in various forms), and reports, via a particular API, those posts to the arXiv.


Per Stefan's comment, someone will need to contact the arxiv administrators to remove a trackback. I recall a while ago someone (the selectedpapers.net folks?) was trying to get hold of the complete list of trackbacks on the arxiv. Is this were available, it would be easy to filter out all the broken links. We also have the list of all trackbacks we've ...

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