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Although I am not so much involved on meta, I prefer the current Q&A format over the alternatives. Let me try to convince you that our current system is a good one. The main reason, for me, is that the Q&A format tends to lead to a relatively focused form of discussion, usually concentrated on the main relevant issues. In posting an answer, a ...


It's now at!


I would really hope we can find a more permanent solution for this content of archival value; perhaps via using the "Archive-It" functionality ? I could even imagine using this service in order to preserve other MO content for posterity. Some relevant points from the FAQ: What is Archive-It? Archive-It is a subscription service that allows ...


I also miss tea and I would like to have it back for discussions. However, tea was really bad for creating authoritative statements of policy that we could link to later, and meta is really good for this. Also, as JDH says, it was bad that it amplified the loud-mouthed (like me). Here is a proposed compromise. Keep tea running and find a way to promote it ...


I want to respond to Joel's post, but I'm unclear whether I should be doing that as a comment or an answer. :-) My main concern is that while we used to have conversations about the future of mathoverflow in public (i.e. at the old meta), they now largely happen on the private moderators' mailing list. I would like to open these up to the community again.


Fixed, sorry. I broke something while making the demo archiving service accessible.


Any reason SE don’t want to host a static HTML version at, like they already do for the former Blog Overflow? Presumably the “security reasons” are that they don’t fancy running custom forum software on a MO domain without someone actively supporting and auditing it (and they are right), but serving a static dump isn’t affected by this ...


Oh, lovely. I would very much like to get a working link to Yemon Choi's thread on a serial cheat, simply because some idiot is beginning similar behavior on MSE. I put an MSE meta question:


Who else is going to be there? I think the current meta (I call it 2.0) for short is well suited for a number of issues pertaining to day-to-day operations and to the SE interface, and 2.0 is ill-suited for the long term discussions that need to take place to keep MathOverflow the idea going. However, if there is only a small group interested in using ...

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