You have it on the top bar, right by your user name and reputation: "main".


Also, why should a browser abort occur in the first place? That is the most important question – and the answer is, it shouldn't. No matter what a website does, the browser shouldn't allow it to cause a crash. That's why this is really a browser bug, which has a big chance of us not being able to do anything about it. That said, if we knew a simple ...


The problem (and other little problems on different sites) resolved itself when I cleared the cache of my tabletop computer at the university and then connected my laptop to the university network and let it update itself. Maybe the problem was that my laptop was trying to synchronize with my user profile at the university (my "main profile" as opposed to my ...


Tagging this as no-repro since it was a local issue - ping me here if it ever comes up again. It was very likely a combination of browser cache and the move.

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