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Personally, I was quite happy with it. I retyped various fragments of my recent answers and found the workflow to be quite natural. I didn't try it on mobile, but I find the current system to be extremely painful on mobile anyway so I don't regard that as a major issue.


Let me start with a positive: AMScd diagrams are supported! It seems I don't even need to explicitly include a \require{AMScd} command (at any rate, when I did, the text "\require{AMScd}" was included in the rendered output as though it were not recognized, and when I deleted it, the diagram still rendered properly.) No xymatrix or tikzcd, though. ...


It would be better if there was a way to toggle the rich-text preview.


Personally, I find it less usable than the status quo, but better than the new editor proposed by SE. So if it is inevitable that we will have to settle for an inferior alternative in future, this is a less-inferior one. Elaborating on what makes it less usable: the cursor jumps to unpredictable positions when one moves up and down, and sometimes becomes ...

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