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Why has my question on Aristotelian Spaces been closed for being 'insufficiently focused'?

My vote to close largely had to do with the volume of discussion, with people clearly confused about the point of your question. MO isn't intended to be purely a social space or a blog. Questions are ...
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Why my nomination for 2022 Community Moderator Election withdrawn without convincing reason?

Really, your question has been answered several times over by several different people. The moderator message that you received explains that your comments violated the Code of Conduct, and, as a ...
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Bountied question has already been answered elsewhere

I have now figured out how West's argument works and wrote it up on the bounty I started. I'll wait a day or so to see if there are any more developments and then give West a 250 bounty on his answer. ...
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Why has my question on Aristotelian Spaces been closed for being 'insufficiently focused'?

Your question has the following general form: "Here is an imprecise concept X. Does it have a mathematically precise counterpart Y?" Questions like this typically fall into one of three ...
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Editing old question, can't submit as title is too long

In the end, the title could be rephrased just slightly to get in under the limit. But in the future, I guess it would be suitable to summarise titles that are too long on posts that need editing, but ...
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Why is this question locked?

I don't know what happened there, I merely voted to close it, and it got locked without me doing anything. Perhaps that was an automatic response to the score being negative? Other things I've voted ...
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Migrated question returned to MO - how to handle?

This is more of a general comment - rather than related to the specific question linked in the post. But since several comments revealed that some perceived problems were actually caused by lack of ...
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Downvote and vote to close of a recent question

I looked into that case, and even though your assumption may be right, I didn't find any indication of inappropriate (= not according to post quality) voting. If you are asking questions related to ...
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