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17 votes

Drive-By Deletion of Answer to Own Question by Moderator

My apologies for the mistaken deletion of your answer. — What led to this mistake was a combination of several circumstances: it was a self-answer of an anonymous user which got flagged as "not ...
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14 votes

Why was my spam flag declined on an answer that does nothing but promote the answerer's book?

The answer under consideration is not spam, because it is a valid answer to the question that was asked (and the question was more or less on-topic for this site). Ideally, we would like some kind of ...
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8 votes

Why my nomination for 2022 Community Moderator Election withdrawn without convincing reason?

Really, your question has been answered several times over by several different people. The moderator message that you received explains that your comments violated the Code of Conduct, and, as a ...
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7 votes

Why was my answer deleted? Cause?

I cannot speak for the people who voted to delete, but from my point of view, your answer had two problems. First, the English is written in a way that is quite difficult to parse. Phrases like "we ...
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5 votes

Why was my spam flag declined on an answer that does nothing but promote the answerer's book?

I did not process that flag, but I agree with whoever did. I think "spamming" is often construed overly broadly anyway. In my mind, the first criterion for judgment should be relevancy, with ...
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4 votes

Why is the wrong username showing up on a CW answer after a user changes names?

By my understanding, this bug was never fully fixed, although some change in the SE software circa 2011 rectified the displayed usernames on most community wiki posts at that time. For instance, the ...
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