I have not voted on any of your questions, and I won't justify the observed downvoting behaviour. I do find the questions as written as problematic for MathOverflow. Even though the posts concern mathematical issues from which good questions can arise, I am not finding your choices that good for this forum. I focus on one question "Why does this pattern ...


The rash of downvotes was picked up by the software and was reversed, and I have just learned from a Community Manager of other voting anomalies. All of these have been fixed, and a moderator message was sent warning against targeted voting, and reminding that voting should be based on the merits of the post, and not the person/account posting it.


I understand that getting downvotes can be frustrating. And targeting a specific user with multiple downvotes is definitely a bad thing to do and it can in fact lead to a suspension of the serial downvoter. But there already are mechanisms that try to catch such instances automatically. For instance, in this specific case you can see on the OPs reputation ...

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