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Can I retag questions to get a topic badge?

Yes, that would work; your tag scores are recalculated once every 24 hours and they will be based on the current tags of the question. Those tag scores affect badges; you can even lose a tag badge ...
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Tags "riemann-zeta-function" and "zeta-functions" are almost identical

There are many interesting zeta functions, and the Riemann zeta function is the most notable of them. It is natural to expect that people who ask questions about other zeta functions would want a ...
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Creating tag "small-uncountable-cardinals"

It seems that these three tags are being discussed in this thread: infinite-combinatorics, small-uncountable-cardinals, cardinal-characteristics.The tag infinite-combinatorics exists for a long time, ...
4 votes

Creating tag "small-uncountable-cardinals"

This question has generated a lot of discussion while I was looking away! Here are my thoughts. The primary purpose of tags is to aid with search. As mathematicians, we have a tendency to think in ...
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Creating tag "small-uncountable-cardinals"

Unlike what another answer suggests, I think that "continuum hypothesis" is not a good tag to use as a proxy here. Instead, I assume many of these questions would be about "cardinal characteristics",...
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Creating tag "small-uncountable-cardinals"

Given the discussion, I tend to be gradually convinced that creating small-uncountable-cardinals is a good idea, and a good counterpart to the existing quite broad large-cardinals, which currently has ...
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