We had a great meet-up in Utrecht. Here is a picture: From left to right: Renee Hoekzema, Marina Logares, Joey van Langen, Aldo Witte, Luca Accornero (in the back), Alvaro del Pino Gomez (in the front), Thomas Rot. We had some interesting discussions regarding the past and future of mathoverflow!


The group hosted by Alec had a great time with Anton, Anna, Anton, Peter, Gjergji, Larry, Cheryl, and Gerhard attending. (Photo and a few more details to come.) As with any group of people predisposed to thinking, the conversations touched on politics and philosophy, and some high and low points of the forum were mentioned. There were also some minor ...


I celebrated over at my blog (and will probably continue doing so during the year).


If you check the revision history or the timeline of your post, you can see that the question was bumped by the Community user. You can find pointers to some information about community user in the corresponding tag-info. In particular, you can check the user page of this user. And also the FAQ post: Who is the Community user? There are also some related ...


If you want to bump an old question even though you have nothing to add to it, the least you could do is to make it publicly. If you add and quickly delete an answer, only the users that can see ghosts deleted answers will know what happened. I'm not in favour of bumping old questions unnecessarily, especially if you do it often, and I have understood that ...

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