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[UNDELETED] [REOPENED] [CLOSED] I would suggest to undelete/reopen, as a courtesy and sign of respect, and then hopefully one of our experts can answer it. I know, I was one of those who cast a vote to delete, when I was still under the impression that this was posted under a false name. Somehow the software allows to ...


[REOPENED] Why did Bourbaki ignore the theory of categories? only survived 25 hours in 2013, collecting 5 answers; it has been closed ever since. The reason given (“not constructive”, “will likely solicit debate, arguments,...” rather than “facts, references,...”) would no longer be an option, and seems refuted by the facts, references, etc. since added in ...


[REOPENED] This cw question (on the spelling of Chebyshev and Cholesky) has good answers and I think it deserves to be reopened. (The sole Chebyshev case was worth a specific discussion, and for this reason I think it's fine to have it here rather than on a linguistics forum.)


The question Why do some mathematicians believe that the notation $(x_n)_{n\in \omega}$ is better than $(x_n)_{n=0}^\infty$ or $(x_n)_{n\in \mathbb N}$ seems to be asked in good faith, even if the tone may have annoyed people who use the notation. It was closed as "primarily opinion-based" but I think that actual practitioners, especially those who work with ...

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