It doesn't show on the homepage, but you can find it via the list of questions. This is status-bydesign; questions with a score of -4 or lower on the main site and -8 or lower on the meta site are hidden from the homepage. Reference: Meta sites' front pages should not hide questions with very low scores on Meta Stack Exchange


If you Google for unanswered tag site:data.stackexchange.com you can find some already existing Data Explorer queries for this. For example: Unanswered Questions by Tag: Shows the number of unanswered questions by tag for the most popular tags. The same query was used in a similar question on meta.math.SE. Unanswered Questions by Tag: Shows all tags with at ...


You can do this using a data explorer query or just using a plain search for [tag] answers:0. (For example.)


Per the OP's request I am posting the link to the post on main meta about this issue: wiki questions don't show creation date. It is marked status-bydesign. But, to be honest, the explanation of this choice given there does not seem very satisfactory to me. The answer there seem to suggest, that since community wiki post is supposed to be common work by ...

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