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I won't describe the exact criteria the automatic question ban uses, but I will say we hope people will edit their poorly-recieved questions rather than delete them. We allow askers to delete their questions for the hopefully rare cases when people discover shortly after they posted that the question is inappropriate for the site and can't be recovered. For ...


It's quite difficult to give an answer to your question. (At least to the part about reinstating the question ban after a positively received question.) One thing is that the algorithm for determining question ban is not public. But you also omitted quite a lot of details in your question: What exactly was the the error message you get? At the time of the ...


In a similar question from 2014 on a sister site, Stack Overflow, What should an user do when he's in a question ban with unsalvageable questions?, a moderator answered: The typical recourse for a user in a situation like this is to contact the [SO] team for assistance. When contacting the team, you need to show that you have understood how the site works ...

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