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4 votes

How to follow a question?

Just added. A "Follow" feature. Pointers to further information about this feature can be found in the corresponding tag-info on Meta Stack Exchange.
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4 votes

Is there an option to know when somebody (especially author of the post) does something after my comment?

Since a few months, The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network, including MathOverflow. It does require you to click the 'follow' link underneath a post. After you have ...
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2 votes

Is it good practice to write "@someone" in a question?

As explained in other answers, writing at_username in a question/answer does not notify a user. This would not matter that much - experienced users know that you ...
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1 vote

Try "question feed"

Since feeds might be new to many users around here, I have created a separate chatroom for people who want to experiment with them a bit. (And maybe later decide whether they want to start using some ...
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