I think the answer is ... yes.


I would like to nominate YCor. He has made many contributions on main and meta, and is committed to improving the functioning of MO. He would contribute to the geographical/cultural diversity of the moderating team.


Martin Sleziak would also be a fantastic addition to the moderator team. And so would David Speyer and Will Sawin.


I would like to nominate Joel David Hamkins as moderator. Of course we know him as our top-rated user, but he is also remarkably cordial and even-handed in every debate, from the inception of MO right up to these very moderator-election threads. That he is highly logical goes without saying, given his expertise. :-) But he also exhibits diplomacy, evincing ...


I would like to nominate Asaf Karagila. He has been a very active participant on MO for years. Asaf joined the site while he was a graduate student. He has since graduated but he still represents the younger MO users. I feel that his input and his experience as a moderator on Math Stackexchange would allow him to contribute in a positive and original way to ...


This is what I wrote (with slight edits) at the MO chatroom: I guess I should mention that I am often in contact with my fellow moderators, especially when a sticky situation arises that I'm not sure how to handle, I'll want to consult them or get consensus. That kind of behind-the-scenes activity is of course invisible to general users. I think part of the ...


I think Yemon Choi would be a terrific moderator. Yemon has been active on MO (Main, Tea and Meta) from the beginning. His comments on Meta are invariably thoughtful and gentle. He would be a patient moderator, who could be relied upon to defuse any tricky situation.


Let me nominate Derek Holt (https://mathoverflow.net/users/35840/derek-holt), a long-term contributor of high-quality answers on this site. Being more senior than the present moderators and living in Europe, I think he would excellently complement the moderator team.


The members of the MO board are the six current moderators, Anton Geraschenko, and Ravi Vakil. Whoever becomes a moderator becomes a member of that board.


I nominate Francesco Polizzi. It's evident Francesco has contributed to MO for a very long time so I will focus instead on his character. Francesco has been extremely fair, willing to hear out all sides, tries to keep calm when things have gotten hectic, and is even-handed and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. In sum, he has good judgment. ...


This is an important question, thanks! My response is a clarification of @Todd's answer, but it seems better to give it as a separate answer. The board exists because of the need of a legal entity to enter into an agreement with SE. It has seen its role as to have a negligible footprint, although at our annual meeting we always ask ourselves how the ...


I start by nominating Lucia. They are a longtime user who made several good answers on the Main Site and provided many insightful contributions on Meta discussions. They look patient, fair, and distant from any extremism. Their friendly attitude and willingness to listen to others' opinions make them an ideal candidate for the moderation team.


I would also like to nominate theHigherGeometer, aka David Roberts. He, too, is a longtime contributor in both Meta and the Main Site, he perfectly knows the dynamics of MO and its culture, and his opinion is highly respected by the community. He's an excellent communicator, displays great tolerance of varying points of view, and his comments are always fair,...


I nominate Noah Snyder, whom I think would be an excellent moderator. He has written numerous very good answers, and his ratio of answers to questions is impressive. In addition, his suggestions on meta are consistently well thought out and sensible. Noah, please accept this nomination.


I would like to nominate Pete L. Clark. He gives very thoughtful (and fairminded) answers to many questions.


Mariano hadn't used the moderation interface for an extended period, and was proving hard to contact. The StackExchange staff said they wanted to remove his diamond, mostly as a security measure. We didn't object (SE raised this in the moderator chat room, and I suspect not everyone had even seen this), but I think that if there is concern, either from ...


I would like to nominate Gil Kalai, a long term outstanding contributor to MO in all aspects. Many times in the past Gil has argued for a kinder, gentler MO and a more open attitude to questions --- I think he would be an excellent and thoughtful moderator.


The users page has a tab for moderators. They can be reached via email at moderators@mathoverflow.net.


As of last month or so, the majority of moderators is in favor of holding elections "soon", but the person we chose to get the ball rolling may be occupied with non-MO commitments right now. I (or someone else) will update when we know more.


Nope, everything is fine, no need for new elections.


I would like to nominate David Speyer for moderator. His record as a user of MathOverflow speaks for itself: not only is he a strong professional mathematician, he is also thoroughly familiar with the operation of this site since Day One. I have found his views as expressed both on MathOverflow and on meta (here and at 'tea') consistently well thought out ...


I nominate Tim Campion. His contributions to the site are consistently pleasant to read in my opinion, whether discussing mathematics on the main site or MO technicalities on meta. He also seems to represent a "no-nonsense friendliness" that I think is good for the MO brand, and a difficult line to walk. As a third point, the amount of time he ...


This was covered in comments elsewhere. No moderator is planning to step down. @SamHopkins None of the current moderators are expected to step down. Some of the moderators have reduced their activity on the user-visible end of things, but none have expressed the desire to fully step down. (François G. Dorais)


I nominate Qiaochu Yuan. I hope he would find moderating here more pleasant than MSE. https://mathoverflow.net/users/290/qiaochu-yuan


I'd like to nominate Ryan Budney. Ryan is a long-time high quality user, whose answers are always informative and interesting, and who has been active on meta. He is fair and level-headed, and doesn't shy away from making hard decisions. Ryan, please accept this nomination.


Although it's late in the game, I'd be very glad to see any of Tom Leinster, Greg Kuperberg or Douglas Zare on this list.


I believe Timothy Chow would make an excellent moderator. He's an excellent communicator with a broad knowledge of several areas of mathematics and a clearly demonstrated ability to follow discussions in several more. His comments always seem particularly well considered and to the point.


Based on information online about previous stackexchange elections, it looks like we'll be using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) with Meek's method. In other words, we'll express ordered preferences for the candidates, with only first-place votes actually counting but with rules for automatically transferring votes to backup candidates under certain ...


Erm... Why can you nominate only yourself? I guess the persons who are likely to make the best moderators (or the best presidents of the United States) are least likely to engage in self-promotion. If you want me to call things by their names and become personal, I mean quid and a couple of others like him. I would certainly vote for them any time but I ...

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