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Why is my feature-request not showing on meta?

It doesn't show on the homepage, but you can find it via the list of questions. This is status-bydesign; questions with a score of -4 or lower on the main site and -8 or lower on the meta site are ...
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Moving back my question to MO

The question on MathOverflow has been restored. The corresponding question on Meta.MathOverflow has been deleted.
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1 vote

What about bountying a meta question?

The question here is - who are you trying to get the attention of? In your example, you're talking about something that the community seems to have weighed-in on at least to some degree. If you think ...
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Where is the link to Meta from Mathoverflow?

It's cleverly hidden under the Stack Exchange logo drop-down on the right-hand side of the top bar (NOT the one on the left-hand side of the top bar): Alternately, you can just type "meta." in the ...
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